Mercedes Moné difenderà l’IWGP Women’s Title contro Hazuki e AZM a NJPW Sakura Genesis

La New Japan Pro Wrestling ha annunciato che l’attuale IWGP Women’s Champion Mercedes Moné difenderà il titolo contro due avversarie d’eccezione a Sakura Genesis, ovvero Hazuki e AZM. L’evento si terrà l’8 aprile.

Questo è il comunicato della compagnia:

Since winning the IWGP Women’s Championship at Battle in the Valley, Mercedes Moné has been hitting red carpets and conventions in VIP style with the title, but has yet to make her first defence. Meanwhile, with the door open to challengers from around the world, two have stepped up from STARDOM.

First, High Speed Champion and young superstar of Queen’s Quest AZM would take to the microphone at a press conference recently to state that since Mercedes had mentioned her name as a prospective opponent, she’d be happy to step up. Later, the Wild Heart of STARS, Hazuki threw her hat into the ring as she proposed a three way match- even Mayu Iwatani said she would take on the winner April 23 at STARDOM’s Yokohama Arena event.

In a message released on social media today, Mercedes would issue her response. saying that ‘double the challenge means double the Moné’ the CEO took on the three way at Sakura Genesis April 8. Can Hazuki capture IWGP gold? Will AZM (that’s ‘A Zu Mi’), disrespected by Mercedes’ backhanded praise, make this title spectacular something more personal? Find out live in English on NJPW World!

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